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Dated: Nov. 26, 2013

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Networking In General

Internet messaging

Logically, you don't need much network speed to send messages. But on the other hand, if those messages contains big files or attachments then you will need normal Internet speed.

Watching videos

Here it depends on the quality of the video you are viewing. It is of course needed to have a basic network speed value, but if the quality of the video is really low you won't need much bandwidth and if the quality is 1080 p you will need good bandwidth. Also if the video you are watching features a lot of moving and effects higher bandwidth will be needed opposed to videos with less movement and effects.

Online games

The bandwidth needed to pull of this varies but it is common that you need lots of it. FPS games usually need more bandwidth and simpler games need less bandwidth. This is also due to the motion as in FPS games there is a lot of things going on and the graphics are more complex and in Arcade or strategy games there are simpler graphics and less movement. Also next to bandwidth you will need pretty low latency because when playing real time games you can't afford delays as you may get killed or something else bad could happen.Network speed

Surfing the web

The needed bandwidth to surf the web in a way of reading articles like this one or checking your Facebook or anything for else for that matter that doesn't require Flash player is not very high. On the other hand pages that have fancy graphics or use animations will need higher bandwidth. Though you don't need a lot of bandwidth, it may be inconvenient to surf the web with really low bandwidth as it will take longer to open new webpages. Also, latency can affect your perceived network speed. You may have really high bandwidth but if you have high latency your Internet will still be slow.

If you look to measure the speed of your computer network it can get pretty difficult, but the speed is not always the determining factor if you are content or unhappy. The thing that matter is a combination of latency, bandwidth and you computer speed as they together contribute to the responsiveness of your network. Basically the best thing to do to avoid unresponsiveness is to avoid having a big number of people using the same network as it will slow it down considerably.

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