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Dated: Mar. 26, 2013

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The computer we got is organized on an Intel chipset HM76 Express and is equipped with a Core i3 3217U processor, and a economy chip built in 22 nm lithography. We will mention that the same computer can be found in cheaper variants that are based on the HM70 Express chipset and equipped with an ULV Pentium 987 or ULV Celeron 847 processor, but we heartily recommend you to choose the i3, that works more vigorously, and it also has multithreading, so it appears as a quad-core processor. The better graphics does not hurt either, especially if you like to play. You have to variants available, one with 2 GB and one with 4 GB RAM, so our recommendation for smoother working is the more expensive version: two GB is at the verge usability for Windows 8 and and more modern applications, especially if a part of that memory is given to (and in this case it must be) to the graphic adapter HD4000.
Although it isn’t meant for competition in the ultrabook class, the S200 is not a plastic toy – the casing is made from brushed aluminum, and it really fills you with trust and looks beautiful. You have three USB plugs on the side (one by the 3.0 standard), a combined plug for microphone and earphones (or headset) , D-SUB (VGA) monitor connector, Ethernet plug, and standard size HDMI. Next to the Ethernet, you have Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi by the a/b/g/n standards for communication. The hardware is completed with an imposing hard drive with over 500 GB of space. True, the S400 also offers configurations with hybrid drive in which the smaller SSD disc caches the big hard drive, but because of accessibility this possibility has been left out in the S200.
Asus VivoBook S200Asus VivoBook S200 is standardly delivered with the Windows 8 Pro 64-bit system, and the big touchpad responds perfectly to motion control in the Metro interface. The biggest surprise waits at the display: it is a very good 11,6“ screen with LED background lighting that – responds to touch. Just like it was predicted, controlling the Windows 8 system is also possible through multitouch screens, so it is a true pleasure to see that in a class of affordable computers that belong to the VivoBook S200
How much sense is crossing to Windows 8 if you don’t have touchscreen? We dare to advise you not to rush things, because without the touchscreen controlling Windows 8 can be problematic. Regardless of all the applied system optimizations (that are significant), without the touchscreen Windows 8 gives very little advantages compared to Windows 7. In this way, with the touchscreen you can try all Metro applications and feel how they should behave. Although the interface is meant primarily for tablets, controlling with your fingers on a vertical screen is not a bad experience. A mass slightly larger than 1,4 kg will even stop capsizing if you play Ninja Fruit Slicer a bit more vigorously.
For whom is this computer meant? For the whole time we tested it, we couldn’t help feeling that it is a netbook of the next generation. Asus actually invented, started, and then shut down the netbook concept, so we can’t forget the nice three year period spent in the company of the Asus netbook. On a modern phone or tablet you can see a lot, but when something needs to be done, even a small netbook becomes immeasurably more useful. The advantages of the VivaBook S200 are obvious because it brings fitting resolution, 1366×768, a modern control interface and immensely more power than the netbook generation. But, the two cell polymer battery ( even 5.136 mAh) just barely makes it past three hours of intensive work, but for a recommended price of 540 euros the S200 really gives you a lot.

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