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Dated: Jul. 05, 2013

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Communication via e-mail, even though it is one of the oldest services on the Internet, is not loosing lose it's intensity and popularity. On the contrary, the development of new opportunities for the use of this service does not fade over the years, so the older POP and SMTP accounts and the Internet service providers are slowly being replaced by the IMAP protocol and orders which do not depend on which way you access the Internet device.

Free software is the holder of this development, so it is not surprising that the number of email clients for Linux and other free systems is more than sufficient to meet the needs of all types of users. Thunderbird is certainly the flagship of the open source community, and ultimately, in order to use your mail account it most often does not have to have a special program. Web-based services, by their possibilities and options, do not fall behind other software solutions and it is quite logical to question whether general and special programs are needed? What should be noted in popular applications for e-mail communication, which includes the online versions, is that they have become "all in one" PIM solutions in which often we pay a number of options with immoderate consumption of resources. For this reason, Trojitá was created, it is an email client which keeps the original Unix philosophy by which they need to make an application that does one thing, but it does it well. Trojitá 0.3.93

Trojitá was created as an IMAP client based Qt libraries, and since the end of last year, it is being developed within the KDE project, but it is independent of its other parts. Most distributions have prepared a package of its treasures, and if necessary, you can also just compile with the only prerequisite being the framework of the Qt version greater than 4.5. After installing and running it is necessary to perform the initial setup of the program, which means entering the email account and settings of the IMAP server you are connecting to. Also, it is possible to modify various aspects of the user interface and to display e-mails in the working window. After you have finished desired settings synchronize with the server in the main window, and you will get the IMAP folder structure and a list of your email messages.  Further work in the program is the same as is in most applications of similar purposes and we will not spend too much time on that. Reading, writing and manipulating email messages and attachments is easy and intuitive, and the program supports advanced IMAP features and, if desired, displays detailed logs.

Trojitá works stabile and "fluently" without significantly slowing down or consuming available resources, even when it comes to directories with a large number of messages, which was the wish of the author and the target of the development. Of course, not everything is perfect, so this program is missing a few options that would greatly improve usability. The most important is the support for multiple accounts as the Trojitá works stabile currently only with a single IMAP server. Also, encryption and digital signing e-mail messages would be more than useful. However, as the authors are aware of these problems and because the project is in active development, we expect the next version of this potentially great, email client.

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