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Dated: Oct. 11, 2013

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Should Your Computer Network Be Powered Off When Not in Use

It is not uncommon that Internet connections stay on all the time, which makes you online all day long. People usually leave their router or other network devices on for a very long time, even when they don't need them. But, is this a good or bad thing? Should you keep your network on all the time or not?

Well, you don't need to keep your home network on all the time. There are some very obvious advantages if you shut it down every now and again, but there are also some clear disadvantages. You can make up your mind with the facts that are stated below.

You save money by using less Electricity

If you shut your computer, router or any other network device down it will save you money.Powering the network on and off

Network Security

Network security is essential, and when it is not turned on it can't be attacked. Hackers and wardrivers can't target them at all. There are other security measures that do a lot but they are not almighty.

If it is off, power surges can't happen

If you turn off your network device, it is not connected to any current, and if it is not connected to any current, it can't damage the device. There are, however device called surge protectors that can help, but while they might help, they can't protect your device forever.

The reliability of the hardware

If you often power cycle your network device it is possible that that will make it's life time shorter. But, high temperature is also something you should be careful about, it can damage your network device even more. So, although turning it off and on from time to time can damage it, keeping it on all time can damage it more.


If you do decide to shut down your network, it can be bit of a hassle. Don't just unplug it, do it by the regulations that are stated by the manufacturer. It can be an inconvenience for a while, but when you get used to it it will pose no problem.

Communication reliability

After you have power cycled your device, the network might need some time to connect. You need to follow the right procedure, it is a must. You should always power up the broadband modem first, and then everything else. Start up problems might happen,. You should troubleshoot them, or you will see major problems in the future.

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