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Dated: Aug. 28, 2013

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Networking In General

With increasing use of broadband connection on the network, especially for home users, there is more and more need to establish a home network. This is usually not a problem, since nearly all motherboards include network adapters. Network adapters in the form of cards are extremely cheap, and most routers using ADSL include a switch, which is usually not completely filled out. However, this way of connecting your computer may not always be the most suitable.

Modern technology provides several ways of networking computers. Certainly the fastest is Ethernet, which implies the existence of a free network port on both computers. If appropriate equipment is available, it is also possible to use wireless networking methods, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards.

The highest transmission speed, of course, are provided by Ethernet. However, in the absence of available network cards, or ports on the switch, and an interruption in Internet access on a local computer is unwelcome, Ethernet becomes unusable.

Methods for directly connecting two computers are as old as computers themselves. One of the most common and oldest way is to connect the serial (RS-232) ports, the so-called null modem cables. However, with modern computers (especially portable) more often they do not have a serial port, so using this connection method may not always be possible.

Modern computers typically have two newer types of connectors, USB and FireWire, which can be used for this purpose. Taking into account that all modern computers have at least four USB ports, we decided that this article will explain how to connect two computers using USB ports.networking two computers

Besides the hardware interface which is quite simple, the USB is based on the use of complex communication protocols. The consequence of this design is that for connecting two computers you can not just use a normal USB cable with two USB A connectors on each end. Moreover, such a connection attempt can cause burning of certain parts of the computer as USB also serves to power simple devices.

To connect two computers via USB ports you require a special cable equipped with a device called USB Bridge. Cables with this device can be found under names such as USB Bridge Cable, USB Link Cable, USB Networking Cable and the like. You need to pay attention to the version of the USB cable standards support, as Bridge is a special USB device that is connected to both computers. It is desirable that it supports USB 2.0 to achieve higher transfer rate. Reminder, the maximum transmission rate according to the standard USB 2.0 (High Speed) is 480 megabits per second (60 megabytes per second) while USB 1.1 (Full Speed) is limited to 12 Mbit / s (1.5 MB / s)

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