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Dated: Aug. 07, 2010

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Yesterday my dad complained that after installing something so and so, ICQ toolbar came into affect in Firefox browser. Not only that but it also took over as his default search engine. Being the household certified tech-geek, it came down upon me to find a solution.

Well it seemed pretty clear that all I needed to do was to:

Go to File -> Tools -> Addons. Under the Extensions tab find the ICQ toolbar addon and click Uninstall.


Not so fast bud.

Firefox then tells you to restart the browser and when I did just that, ICQ still hung around like a guest that just wont leave.

Removing ICQ Toolbar From Firefox


When looking for the solution, this is what worked for me:

Simply went to:



Edit extensions.ini

In section ExtensionDirs delete all rows looking like ……. {972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}.

I simply got rid of the whole line there. And that was it!

Hope it works for you the readers.

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Sergio Martorelli's Comment
How do I EDIT the extensions.ini?
25 Wed Jan 2012
Admin's Reply:

 Hi Sergio

you can use notepad :) simply open file in notepad or wordpad :)

Diana's Comment
could not find that directory. I did do a "find" in the registry and under URL search hooks there is a value that reads ab ICQ search bla bla bla..if I delete that will I mess up my computer for future searches?
06 Tue Sep 2011
Admin's Reply:

No You Won't! Just make a backup of your reg. and then, get rid of that value string.

raghu's Comment
This works...Thank u techiware ICQ Sucks
15 Fri Jul 2011
Admin's Reply:

thank you raghu

:'s Comment
there is no such path in my machine. I'm looking at icq folders that shouldn't even be there considering that i did a (custom) FULL uninstall. I removed form Firefox add-ons too. But it's still there... It's worse than a virus. How can this crap be legal !?!?!?!?!?!?!?
15 Tue Mar 2011
Admin's Reply:

Sorry to hear about your ICQ problem. I don't know why the legal system doesn't crack down on these things but they should.

nick's Comment
Tried for ages to get rid of the ICQ toolbar and this worked fine...thanks
06 Mon Sep 2010
Admin's Reply:

I'm glad to see it worked out for you.