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Dated: Feb. 20, 2013

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Oh no, we didn’t mean to get them from the Recycle Bin, but get them back when you deleted them from the Recycle Bin or when they disappear by some mistake. It has probably happened to you that you accidentally delete some file, and then in a hurry tried to get it back but you again, by accident, clicked on empty recycle bin and lost that file forever.

Imagine that there is a solution for this. Of course there is one, and with the help of the program Recuva. And the thing that is most important, it’s free. Everything you need to do is to download it, install it, start it, find the file that you need and get it back. All of that in short steps looks like this:

  1. Go on the official site of the program and . The size of the program is 3Mb which is ridiculous for the job it is doing. And it runs on Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  2. Install the program in a few steps. At the third step you will be asked if you want to install the Yahoo toolbar, and if you don’t want that, uncheck this option. After the installation start the program from your desktop.
  3. When you have started this program, a wizard will appear that will help you retrieve your files. Here you can choose the options like which type the file you want to return is. Is it a song, image, movie, document or something else. If you know the exact name of your program click cancel on the wizard, but if you want to see what it has to offer click next.
  4. Recover Deleted FilesIn the next step it will ask you where your file is located on the hard drive, so choose one of the given options. After you have chosen, the scanning starts. If your file is not found during this, go one step back and choose the option Deep scan which will give you more chance that the file will be found.
  5. When the scanning is successfully finished, a list of files that have been deleted will show. On the list you see the icon, the name of the file, the directory from which it was deleted, the date and the size. The colored icon is the most important one. Green stands for maximum probability that the file will be returned, orange less, and red almost none. So there is a possibility that your file won’t be returned at all. But of course, it is always worth a try.
  6. If you have found the file. Just select it and click Recover. Now it will ask you where do you want it back, so choose the directory and click ok. 

If everything goes well, it will say that the file returning is done. Now that was easy, wasn’t it?

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