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Dated: Oct. 10, 2005

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By Najmi


JSP stands for Java Server Page. JSP is a server-side technology. Java Server Pages are an extension to the Java Servlet technology that was developed by Sun.

JSPs have dynamic scripting capability that works in tandem with HTML code, separating the page logic from the static elements -- the actual design and display of the page -- to help make the HTML more functional (i.e. dynamic database queries).

JSPs are not restricted to any JSP hosting specific platform or server. It was originally created as an alternative to Microsoft's ASPs (Active Server Pages). Recently, however, Microsoft has countered JSP technology with its own ASP.NET, part of the .NET initiative.

Java Servlets

Java ServerServlets are Java technology's answer to CGI programming. A JSP is translated into Java servlet before being run and it processes HTTP requests and generates responses like any servlet. However, JSP technology provides a more convenient way to code a servlet. Translation occurs the first time the application is run. A JSP translator is triggered by the .jsp file name extension in a URL. JSPs are fully interoperable with servlets. You can include output from a servlet or forward the output to a servlet and a servlet can include output from a JSP or forward output to a JSP.

They are programs that run on a Web server and build Web pages. Building Web pages on the fly is useful (and commonly done) for a number of reasons:

The Web page is based on data submitted by the user. For example the results pages from search engines are generated this way and programs that process orders for e-commerce sites do this as well.

The data changes frequently. For example, a weather-report or news headlines page might build the page dynamically, perhaps returning a previously built page if it is still up to date.

The Web page uses information from corporate databases or other such sources. For example, you would use this for making a Web page at an on-line store that lists current prices and number of items in stock.

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