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Dated: Feb. 01, 2013

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If you managed to get your device rooted, then you are ready to take full advantage of your Android hardware. The reason why root access has been considered as the epitome of being a real Android user is linked to Android’s Linux roots.

Since Android was mostly based on the open source Linux project, many of the Linux tweaks and settings apply to the OS. You can make your Android device run faster, conserve more battery, play sound louder, and even change the theme, look and feel of the device.

While many of the tweaks usually require you to flash packages or install through ADB, many hardworking developers created several apps to help you in managing your Android device with an easy user interface.

Changing the Boot Animation

Boot animations may only be enjoyed when you start your phone, but it is one of the things that define a hardcore user. A great boot animation shows others that you have a unique device right from the first startup. I remember getting some “aahhs? and “ooohs? when I first showed off my first custom boot animation. Maybe you could get yours if you could do it too with JRummy’s Boot Animations app.

Saving or Replacing Hardware Buttons

Android HardwareIf you are long time Android user, then you would also have this problem at one point or another. Just like any heavily used device, Android devices’ hardware keys can eventually break or fail. The most common hardware keys that break are home buttons and sleep/power buttons.

Apps like Kiumiu.CA’s Button Savior can help you map out these keys to other keys or to on screen buttons to save you from that unnecessary hardware replacement.

Manage CPU Speed

Managing your CPU’s speed is something that real control freaks power savers do. They want to make sure their device doesn’t gobble up unnecessary power when it doesn’t need to. On the other hand, they also want to make sure that their device outputs the maximum performance during that crunch time where the device needs to be sorted out.

Managing CPU speed with apps such as Set CPU or No-Frills CPU Control allows you to set the highest and lowest speeds that your device Kernel allows. If your smartphone or tablet can handle overclocking through a custom kernel, apps like these are your best friends for life.

Manage your Build.Prop

Apps like joeykrim’s Build Prop editor allows you to easily edit your Build.Prop to tweak some parts of your ROM’s set of instructions. This is normally done with a computer but now you can edit them on your phone itself using this very simple app and other variations of it.

Several tweaks that you could do with your device include improving the signal, scrolling and sound volume. You could also tweak your device to boot faster or change the screen density. You could even improve your audio and video recording quality with a few tweaks here and there.

Optimize your ROM Performance

Apps like the ROM toolbox allows users to take full control of the ROM to manage kernel tweaks, CPU states, memory management and even task management. You can definitely optimize the performance of your device by disabling some apps completely or simply managing the startup sequence of your ROM.

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Michael Hansomme is a passionate Android blogger who focuses on all things root. You can find him writing for Rescue Root, the easiest way to with a single click.

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