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Dated: Aug. 20, 2013

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LinkedIn is a very serious business network that was only intended for people who want to do business, but know it has opened it's doors to younger people who strive to be businessmen. LinkedIn has lowered the minimal age limit for it's users and it is now 13 in Europe and 14 in the USA. As announced today, the social network LinkedIn will enable access to persons who are not yet adults, so by the new rules, all those with 13 years or more, from now on will be able to be present in this popular online network.

The company said that their network is currently used by around 30 million students and graduates, and lowering the age for future users is an attempt to alleviate potential customers to start planning their careers earlier.

The limit to use LinkedIn so far has been 18 years, and the new rules in the U.S. will now give permission to be used by persons who have reached 14 years of age, while in Europe, the limit will be 13 years old. This new decision takes effect in Europe on the 12th of September.

LinkedIn currently has close to 240 million users, and the company claims that their number increases by 2 in every second. It has been shown that the pages on LinkedIn are especially attractive to people looking for jobs, but the company wanted its concept to expand to universities so school students who graduated can more easily decide for a college or university.LinkedIn

"In recent years I've watched my daughter it was strugle to decide how and where she will continue her education and noticed that her friends just" wandered in darkness. "Some know what they would like to study, but they do not understand what kind of career. can be achieved after graduation. This move should help them to find as much information about it as possible, "wrote Kristina Allen on the company's blog.

The spokesperson for the company said that LinkedIn is still primarily a professional network, but trying to get closer to the younger population who "think ahead" and are planning their professional career.

LinkedIn is heading on the way of Facebook which has over a billion users, and it is also open to people who are aged 13 and over.

LinkedIn new university pages will give students and potential employees the information where graduates are now working as well as updated information from universities around the world and the opportunity to contact users.

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