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Dated: Jan. 22, 2013

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Information from a research that the research company IDC conducted for the Business Software Alliance (BSA) show that 36% of bought software in 2006. is pirate software.

In a research IDC has analyzed the use of software in a 102 different countries across the world and it is estimated that the software that was installed on all computers in these countries was worth 105 billion dollars, and that the sale of legal software has risen for about 9 percent. But, selling pirate programs has caused over 40 billion dollars of damage to software manufacturers. Analysts say that the global rate of pirate software use has remained unchanged from 2005. (35%), but that that rate decreased in 62 of the 102 countries tested.

It is stated in the report that the situation in countries with a fast growing IT market like Russia, India and China, keeps improving. For example, in comparison to the year 2003. The percent of pirate software has reduced by ten percent, from 92% to 82 %. A similar situation is present in Russia, where the rate of pirate software buying has been decreased by 7 percent, or India where it was decreased by 3 percent (from 74% to 71%).

Pirated SoftwareConsidering China, the research has shown that the rate of legal software sales has risen for 88% in comparison to 2005. And it has reached 1.2 billion dollars. The totally rise of legal software sales from 2003. to today is 358%.

In that report, countries with the highest pirate software sales were also mentioned. In Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Zimbabwe over 90% of all software is pirate software, and one third of the examined countries has over 75% of pirate software. Developed countries are not immune to the use of pirate software. For example, In Japan, 25% of the software is piratized, while in Great Britain and Germany that number is 27%. The countries with the lowest pirate software sales are the US and New Zealand.

Researchers have determined that in the year 2006. There was a rise of pirate software use in 13 countries. Among those countries were mostly undeveloped countries like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Algeria, Chile and Columbia, but also Canada, Finland and Germany.

In the Czech Republic over 39 % of pirate software is used, in Hungary 42% and in Slovakia 45% of illegal software.

They state in the report that decreased pirate software use opens new job spaces. According to the researchers, a decrease for about 10% to 25% opens about 2.4 million job spaces. Besides that, the gross annual product of the world economy would increase for about 400 billion dollars, and taxes would collect 67 billion dollars.

You can see the value of the piratized software market from the prognosis the the IDC researchers conducted at the end of their report. According to those predictions, users worldwide will spend about 350 billion dollars on buying legal software, but more than 180 billion dollars on buying piratized software.

The research company IDC used information about hardware and software deliveries, and also estimations about the number of programs installed on computers, and its analysts have made over 7000 conversations in the tested countries to get a full picture of the use of pirate software.

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