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Dated: Dec. 04, 2013

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IP address conflicts are a pretty serious thing. They happen when there are two computers that are using the same IP address. If this happens, the computers can work offline only, the Internet is out of reach. There are many ways this can happen and here are some of them.

  1. It can happen that a mobile computer with a certain IP address was on Hibernation and then it was awakened.
  2. It can happen that by accident an ISP gives the same IP address to two different users.
  3. Also, and admin of a system can give the same IP address to two different users.
  4. It can happen that a DHCP gives permission that an IP address can be assigned to many different computers.

There are many more reasons, but we won't list them here as they are very similar to those above or are way to complicated for the average user to understand. But, although this is a pretty serious thing it can be fixed easily and without many difficulties.IP address conflicts

How to tell if you have an IP address conflict

In computers that have older versions of Microsoft Windows if you attempt to set a static IP address and that IP address is already used in a different computer on the network you will see an error message that will say that you have the same IP address as another computer and that you need to change it.

On the other hand, if you have newer Microsoft Windows you will automatically get a message when the system sees an IP conflict that will say that an IP address conflict is present.

It can also happen on older Windows that it will simply say you have an IP address conflict.

You can get pretty much the same messages on Mac or Linux.

The solutions on solving the problems with conflicting IP addresses are numerous and they are not very complicated. Some of them are:

  1. If you have a static or fixed IP address you need to make sure that your local host has an IP address that is unique.
  2. Buying a new router can help solve the problem if the router you are currently using has a problem with it's DHCP server.
  3. If the computer you are currently using is using an dynamic IP address, you can avoid or solve the conflicted IP address problems by simply getting a new IP address that is not used by anyone else.

If you want to check what your IP address is you can visit the website and it will tell you your IP address.

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