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Dated: Dec. 29, 2012

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VBA: one out of two Excels macro languages

VBA was introduced in Excel 5. Before that version Excel used a completely different macro system, known as XML (Excel Macro language). VBA is a lot better considering strength and also practicality. But because of compatibility, Excel 2000 still uses the XLM language. That means that you can upload the older Excel file and still execute the macros that it contains. Excel 200 doesn’t allow saving XLM macros, but there is no reason to do that in the first place.

What you can do with the VBA language

VBA is an exceptionally strong program language that has hundreds of uses. The following list is just a example of what you can do with the help of VBA macros.

Inputting text or form
If you input your firm name often into working lists, you can make a macro that will type these things for you. This can be also done by the option autocorrect.

Automatization of a process that is executed often
For example, maybe you need to create the final monthly calculation. If the task is not complicated you can create a macro that will do that work for you. 

VBA excel calculatorAutomatization of a process that is often repeated
If you need to execute the same operation that repeats itself in 12 different workbooks, you can save a macro for the first time you do that operation and later let it do that same operation in all other workbooks.

Making custom command
For example, you can unite several commands through an Excel menu so that all of them are executed on a single button push or a simple mouse click.

Making custom button on the tool pallet
You can adjust Excel pallets by adding your own keys that will execute the macros that you wrote.

Making a simplified intercepting program for users that don’t know much about Excel
For example, you can make a scheme for safe data input.

Making a new work page function
Even though Excel has a wide range of default functions, you can make custom functions that greatly simplify formulas.

Making full protected applications that are powered by macros
Excel macros can show custom frames for dialogs and add new commands in the menu line.

Making custom extra modules for Excel
Most extra modules that you get with Excel are made by using Excels macros. For making a power utility pack you should use VBA.

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