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Dated: Apr. 09, 2013

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There is a large number of people who need Internet connection for doing their usual work. That stands for millions of businessman, managers and programmers all around the world. The Internet has revolutionized the way business is done, but what happens when the Internet fails? In that case you can use several alternatives such as Wireless Internet or you can go to the nearest Internet cafe. But, there is a third alternative when the Internet crashes, your old mobile phone. The basic mobile phone can be used as a modem for your computer. This stands for most mobile devices that are on the market since 2004. In the following text you will find instructions that describe the way to turn your old mobile phone into a modem.

How to use an old mobile phone as an Internet modem

The simplest way you can use your mobile phone as a modem is by using a disk that came with your phone. When buying it, you usually get a disk with the following program for transferring files and various settings. Look for the mobile phone software, try to find settings with the names Network, Communications, Connections or Modem. If you find such settings, they should have detailed instructions for turning your mobile phone into a modem. The settings will vary from producer to producer, but it is usually very intuitive so users with less knowledge about this can manage to do what they want.
Use old phone like a modemBut there is a another way if your mobile phone didn’t come with a disk or nothing you need is on the disk. The first thing you need to do is attach the phone to a computer using a USB cable. You can use a Bluetooth connection, but the speed of the Internet will be significantly less.
When you do that, your computer should recognize the device, and in that case the drivers will install automatically. Once the installation is done, click on the Start menu and then the Control Panel, then choose Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center. Now you need to choose the option Set Up New Connection and Network. You will see several options, choose Set up a dial-up connection. For the phone number input “*99#“ (that is the universal GPRS number). Information about the user name and password need to be checked online. Google “GPS settings for [Network name]” or „wap settings for [Network name]. Once you filled all the necessary information finish the dial-up connection creation.
From the listing of all available Networks on the computer from the window Connect to a Network choose the Network you just configured and click Connect. After that, input your username and password. If there is no mistake, you should have Internet access. The speed will vary depending on quality of the Network, but the flow will be enough to surf, check your e-mail and send small files.
  • If you don’t have free Internet access, using the Internet in this way will be charged from the credit on your phone. Be especially careful if you have a postpaid card, because you may get a big bill at the end of the month.
  • If the phone doesn’t have Internet access, which is the case in very old models, you can’t use it as a modem.

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