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Dated: Dec. 06, 2012

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No matter how good Apples iPad tablet PC is, anyone who has ever owned it knows that it's very difficult to write long lines of text on it's keyboard. Apple has enabled  tablet to keyboard Bluetooth connection, but the biggest problem is, except for budget, the amount of hardware is increased  and practicality is decreased. Some manufacturers are trying to solve that problem by making smaller keyboards, but those solutions have been just good, not great. Until the appearance of the ZaggMate.


The first and basic thing that set's this device apart from the competition is the material it's mostly made of. Maybe it's more clear to say that it's the bottom of the ZaggMate we are talking about, and that it is made out of aluminum. The purpose of this is to protect the ZaggMate display when it's closed, because it acts as a shield. As an addition to that folding mechanism, the inside of the ZaggMate contains soft distancers for smooth fitting of the iPad edges. When the iPad folds into a shell, everything fits perfectly, but knowing how easily aluminum can get scratched, we still recommend using a carrying case.


Zaggkey with keyboard


Of course, the shell is just the outer half of the device. Inside, there is a very well made keyboard, similar characteristics to those on Netbooks. The keyboard hasn't lost a lot of size, except in the area of the direction keys which are placed in a way that is a bit tricky to master, but when you do, it feels completely natural. The keys are not overly soft, they have a nice feel to them when you are typing and you can say that manufacturing is at it's height for this format. Next to the standard keys, you can find an entire multimedia control board (Play, Pause, Next, Previous), an instant Search button, and the Home and Sleep keys. The on-screen keyboard button and the language choice button offer support for typing. A well made rack allows you to place the ZaggMate in Landscape or Portrait mode, which can be really handy.


The connection of the ZaggMate is smooth and with no issues, and it's got a built in battery that can last for more than a month in stand-by mode. The manufacturer left some space on the side of the ZaggMate so you can charge it when it's closed. There is also a microUSB port.

Our only criticism about the ZaggMate is that it lacks a headset port, that would allow you to listen to music while the iPad is closed.


But if you where looking for a device of this kind, we warmly recommend the ZaggMate


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Roni's Comment
WARNING about using alcohol on your keraybod. Some manufacturers use types of coatings, inks and/or plastics that react with alcohol. I actually used to water down some alcohol and use a swab to clean the surface of keys every now and then. One time, on a new keraybod, it started making fumes and I didn't notice it until I was dizzy and half passed out. I quickly went outside to get some fresh air and when I came back in, my black keraybod was bleached white.
12 Sat Jan 2013
Admin's Reply:

Wow, thanks for the tip.