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Dated: Sep. 04, 2005

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CSS - Styles Sheets

By Najmi

Background Image For Block Elements

Using CSS, you can now give any block element a background image. A block element simply refers to elements that define a rectangular area, such as a paragraph <p>, a header <h>, or div <div>. Elements such as <font> and <span> are NOT block elements. To give block elements a background image, simply insert the below CSS code into the element's tag:

<div style="background-image:url('yourimage.gif')">.....

CSS Tricks

Two Classes Together

Usually attributes are assigned just one class, but this doesn't mean that that's all you're allowed. In reality, you can assign as many classes as you like! For example:

<p class="text side">...</p>

Using these two classes together (separated by a space, not with a comma) means that the paragraph calls up the rules assigned to both text and side. If any rules overlap between the two classes then the class which is below the other in the CSS document will take precedence.

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