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Dated: May. 03, 2013

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If you read the first section of "Worst technological habits and how to break them", surely you want to know more of the same. Today we bringing it to you.

When is the last time you made a backup copy?

Technology is not immaculate or indestructible so your devices won’t last forever. Still, despite that, we treat them and the data on them roughly. Until a disaster happens – the device stops working, we lose it or it is stolen.
Today it is easier than ever to make a backup copy of important information from any device. It is enough to choose one of the cloud saving services and enter your data. For those who are especially forgetful there are apps that will backup the content by themselves in certain intervals.

Using the same password, always and everywhere

The average user uses at least ten passwords for different services and bills. But, with the constant reminding that passwords should be changed every few months it is getting harder and harder to memorize them. So because of that users begin to “recycle” passwords and soon they have the same password for several services. Easier to remember, but easier to hack.
It is true that remembering different password can be difficult, but once when you come up with your system, it will be much easier. Pick a phrase that will be your basis and for every page add something characteristic to that page. For example, if your base is AcM3 and you add 8F8 to that for Facebook, it will be easy to remember and almost impossible to hack.

You don’t update the system, apps or other programs.

The constant reminder about updates can drive anyone crazy, but they have to be done.
Not only will you have the latest version which is certainly better than the last one, but you also add a layer of protection and add stability to your system.
If daily updating is hard for you, choose a certain time in the week when you will let automated programs do that for you. Choose a time when you know you won’t be needing your computer much.

Throwing old devices in the trash

Your favorite mouse has canceled obedience and you decided to get rid of it? If you throw it in the trash, you probably won’t make a big eco-sin. Still, that does not apply to your old desktop computer or laptop.
Not only do computer and electronic components contain materials that can hazardous for the environment and yourself, they may be recycled. Worst technological habitsGoogle around to see if you have a recycling yard or company that will claim your old computer. In that way you will at least help a bit to protect the environment.

Chatting at the table or in company of others

You are sitting on a family diner and you can’t let go of your phone because you are chatting with your friend who is also at the table. No wonder everyone is looking accusingly at you. 
Not only is texting at the table rude, but it is also unnecessary. If something is very important, excuse yourself, get off the table, do your phone call or write that you are busy, and then comeback. If that is too difficult, set a rule: the first one who touches their mobile phone during dinner washes the dishes or cooks the next lunch.

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