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Dated: Jul. 31, 2013

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In this time, our children are using computers more and more. There have been discussions going on for years now about the use of computers in children. Some say the effects are good, some say the effects are bad, some say there are no effect at all. If you have a child and you are wondering if you are going to let your kid go on the network, read this text about children and networks.

It can be good if it is practical and time-controlled. It is not difficult to persuade the children to "useful" work on the computer, but it should start - as much as possible - on time. If the child is three or four years, let him use a computer, the problems will be noticeable only at seven or eight years. Then it is already a created problem.

Free time with the computer can be done in various ways - entertaining and educational. Children should not spend their free time with the computer before the fifth, sixth year. This is very important. This time should be as helpful as possible with a minimum of free entertainment and they must not have games. They can have educational games, but they should be called differently. From the first day a child needs to know that the computer is not for playing.Children and computers

We can look at the pictures with the child, to show him something that interests him, but it should not take more than fifteen minutes to half an hour. Music can be shown, not cartoons. Cartoons should be played via DVD. As soon as you notice that your child starts asking for a computer computer, stop everything and turn off his computer for a long time - until he forgets (two - three weeks or longer).

Useful time spent at the computer? The internet is a source of a variety of interesting content. Explain to your child what is , show him how he can learn something from the area of his interest. For boys we have the , the , there are excellent sites about chemistry, physics, mathematics, little artists, in literature there are sites, pictures and art, ... The basis of all is moderation and focus. One of the worst and most destructive behavior is aimlessly browsing the internet, "clicking" on the computer or playing games.

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