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Dated: Apr. 30, 2013

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BitTorrent for everybody's taste

Today it is just impossible to not have a BitTorrent client installed on the OS, because this way of downloading files is very popular. So, next to choosing audio and video players it is important to choose the right BitTorrent client. When it comes to Windows OS the main torrent is µTorrent. It has been the inspiration to the creator of qBittorrent to create an alternative to open code.
The program can be found in repositories of most popular distributions while users of Arch Linux will find it in AUR. Also, there is a version for Windows and Mac OS X. After installation and starting it you will greeted by a warning that that is a program for sharing files and that the content you share is your responsibility. If you into the options part of the program you will see that you can change some aesthetic small things like the display of the splash screen or the change of the icons in the system tray. There are, of course, the standard options for changing the location of stored files, the number of maximal connections, the adjustments of the proxy server if it is needed, setting alternative speeds, deciding the number of active torrents, etc. We have to mention the possibility of program control from another computer through the Web which is, of course, necessary. For more advanced users there is a special section inside the options.
qBitTorrentThe program interface doesn’t stand out from the interface of similar programs so most users will have no problem finding their way. On the left side there are six categories for easier organization, and under the list of torrents you can see in detail information if you want to.
Although it may seem as if you have the same options as every other client and that nothing sets it apart, you are wrong. To begin with there is the sequential download (Download in order). By turning on this option during downloading a video or audio file you get a stream of files that you are downloading because its download starts from the beginning and goes in order to the end. This is a very nifty option for those who are impatient and don’t want to wait for the whole file to download to start viewing or listening to it.
Another useful option is the possibility to search torrents, more precisely sites where the torrents are located. By clicking on the tab Search we see that we can choose the category for searching torrents, which will give much more accurate results. In the lower right corner is the option Search Engines – by clicking on it we see that with the program there are 8 more sites on, amongst which The Pirate Bay and isoHunt. If your favorite site is not on this list, you shouldn’t worry because there is an option to install other ones. qBittorrent can be placed in the system tray to not bother you. By going over the program icon with the mouse you can see current speeds, while with the right click we get options such as speed limit and stoppage and also pausing.
We have to admit that this is one well rounded BitTorrent client and as that it satisfies the needs of most users. Considering that the program is not demanding, that it is very easy to use and it's free, there is no reason not to try it. Maybe it will become your favorite BitTorrent client.


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