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Dated: Mar. 17, 2010

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Technological Advances

HTML5 is the latest buzz word in web development world. It comes with a lot of cool, new features and most importantly it aims at bringing consistency to the whole process of web development. The code is much cleaner, neater and standardized. For example, web software developers can replace the div tags with neat HTML5 elements. This also means that web developers across the board can read and understand code better even if they know nothing about the language because of the standardization. This also ensures that web developers building new hosted web applications can understand the features better and integrate well with it. The overall semantics would improve because of the new HTML elements and it would be easy to see the structure of the code and determine the header, footer, navigators etc.


HTML5 comes with some great features too which weren’t present in its predecessor, HTML4 that has been around for quite a while now. HTML5 has offline storage, which is an extension of the concept of cookies. It has more storage space for data used only one time e.g. login etc. and data used multiple times like storage of email etc. HTML5 also allows websites to mark off a part of the page as a canvas which allows more scope for imagination. This creative space can be used for interactive graphics, drawings, games, charts or graphs by adding code through user interaction. This flexibility at the level of a user will go a long way in adding to the popularity of HTML5.

HTML5's Multimedia Strength


Sites like Youtube currently use Flash that can be slow to come up and has lot of other disadvantages. HTML5 will allow streaming of audio and video content. It might also permit playback in set time intervals, adding to a list of other cool features in HTML5. It also has certain features that aim to make life really easy for the end user. Geolocation is one feature that works on the basis of the user’s geographical location which will determine, updates on Twitter or search results. The form elements will get more efficient as HTML5 will allow the input boxes to be validated better. It will also allow the textboxes etc. to interact better with other elements on the page. This will make filling up forms easier for the end user. Lastly Google and chrome have already started building apps for HTML5 which gives it the edge and stability. Aimed at providing consistency to web development, HTML5 will add simplicity to the functionalities of wikis, online chats and forums and search facility in user interfaces.

End Note

Since the specification and semantics of HTML4 are blurred, many elements are rounded off in div elements with description identifiers. However, HTML5 will add a better flow and readable code by bringing in standard elements which will change and cleanup the way code is written. HTML5 comes with well laid out parsing with better handling of exceptions and errors that works well with most popular web application development.

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