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Dated: Jul. 18, 2013

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Social networks on the Internet today represent contents that are very popular among the online users, especially among young people. Besides being given some kind of trend, which contributes to their popularity, they bring new possibilities in communication and they make it easier to make contacts and the use and sharing of various contents, which makes them appealing. The Internet has certainly revolutionized (in many ways), and social networks have made their revolution in the internet. When it comes to social networking, the first association is linked to Facebook , the largest and most popular virtual community of its type in the world. The popularity of Facebook and its impact on society is great and there were numerous researches and studies, as well as serious and sociological analysis. Social networks, especially the popular Facebook is a new model of behavior and the impact of the internet, but also in society, and the impact on young people is the largest.

One study that was done last year in the UK, found that among the greatest of our vices are coffee, chocolate, and Facebook. Of course, Facebook is more "complex" than the previous two vices.

Today, social networks, and the use of the Internet and mobile phones is the standard "something without which you can not," especially among young people. How serious thinking about the Internet is done is shown by the fact that the made ​​a decision on which the Internet in Finland became a legal must , which means that every citizen of the country in due course, has to have a universal, legally protected access to the Internet, it is considered that it is essential for normal life.Facebook Logo

provide a variety of options, and for many they represent, having fun. It is undisputed that they give a lot of benefits. Many on Facebook find old friends with whom they have lost contact, meet new friends and future partners , companions. The fact is that Facebook has a variety of applications, groups and pages through which users can get information from , and find out some interesting and important things.

However, despite all these positive aspects of Facebook, it is important to mention the negative ones. As the Internet and on Facebook there are a variety of opportunities for abuse, and the young are the most vulnerable target groups.

Particular attention should be given to minors. This means that education is particularly important, as well as the role of parents, who need to be actively involved in studies of the Internet and social networks and to talk to their children about it. The fact that their kids are in their room on the computer, not on the street, does not mean they are safer. However, the Internet, social networks, and Facebook have many positive aspects, educational and informative sides are particularly important and make our lives easier and more fun.

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