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Dated: Jun. 05, 2013

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In the following article we are going to talk about Ligatures and OpenType typography in Word.

While you can explore the Advanced properties and OpenType font behavior with the Font window opened, watch out for the ligatures that show up in the second appearance of the word Office on the image: a row of three letters ffi is made dense and in a visually attractive way made to look like one sign. The ligatures are chosen rows of letters that are suitable for combinations of symbols that are dense so they don't reduce readability, and they look visually appealing. They are made out of two, rarely three signs. The most famous Latin ligature that became a special sign is & (ampersand) that was created by combining the Latin word et, and in German Latin there is a sign ß (sharp S) that was created by combining two letters S. After the option ligature is turned on in the Font/Advanced window, rows suitable for graphic finishing automatically recognize and change to optimized ligatures. Text processed this way should save a few percent of space when printing, but in Word this effect won't come to expression. Still, here will the text with ligatures look more balanced, sophisticated, and supposedly it is less tiring for the eyes as well. Among the offered options of different sizes of use of ligatures you can choose between a few variants: from the conservative Standard Only, all the way to the Standard and Contextual and Historical, Discretional and also All. It is also best for you to experiment here with the options until you find the combination that best fits you. Word 2010 Ligatures and Typography

Word 2010, unlike the previous versions, uses all the advantages of the OpenType format of fonts. These advanced typographical possibilities are available for years in various Adobe applications, as well as in applications for Mac OS. To get inside the world of OpenType look improvement, you need to select the whole text that you are editing. After that in the Font section Home ribbon, click on the arrow down or press the key combination Ctrl+D to make the Font window open for extra settings.The tab Advanced deals with, except the spacing between signs, with OpenType novelties. There you can find ligatures, the spacing between numbers, as well as vertical number aligning and stylistic sets.We advise you to experiment and look at the Preview window, and when you confirm your choice with OK, you will see the final effect on the chosen text. If you have found the winning combination, you can save the settings with the Help of Set as Default in the lower left corner of the Font window. If you don't like this novelty, you can fully eliminate it through the File menu, more precisely its dialog Options / Advanced / Layout Options that is located on the bottom of the window. Unpack the collection of options and tick the Disable OpenType Font Formatting Features.

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