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Dated: Apr. 16, 2013

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There are more and more obligations, and there is less and less time. The utopian idyll of work time from 9 to 5 and a lot of free time is not available for everyone, with which most people have other things next to their jobs that fulfills their house budget. Not speaking about personal and social commitments. In all that hassle you can easily forget something. Still, with good organization the jobs are easier and done more efficiently, so the number of apps that help in that is really big.

The Task Coach is a program from a group of personal to do managers. Next to the standard options of organizing and informing you about upcoming tasks, it offers advanced possibilities of manipulation of tasks and managing the available time. When you start the Task Coach for the first time you will be greeted by a user interface that at first glance can seem a bit confusing, but when you walk around the available options and adjust the display of certain windows, it shouldn’t pose a problem. It is a bit ungrateful to describe the work space, because all elements are derived as wholes (mini windows) and are susceptible to change considering your desires.
Task Coach 1.3As in most other programs that have the same use, the basic element that the Task Coach handles is the task, It is defined by a large number of elements, and we will mention the most important ones: starting time, scheduled duration, status, percentage of completion, planned budget, categories, dependent tasks ... The tasks, next to their name, can have a short description, and then they can be grouped by categories, add extras like documents, define the priority and way of displaying on the calendar, time line or statistic. You can also define the period for tasks that repeat, set preconditions for the fulfillment of a task or connect them so that the fulfillment of one task depends on the fulfillment of the other one. The Task Coach enables you to track time or money spent on doing certain tasks, as well as adding a reminder that will inform you if you need to do a certain action. There are lots of options that will satisfy your needs, even if you are the most demanding user.
Once you set up all the tasks that you need, you can save them in the internal folder .tsk (based on XML), print them or derive them into HTML, CSV or iCalendar. In the following version it would be nice to see some other form of backup or synchronization next to the supported funambol service.
The program works in a very stable way and it is relatively fast, by which it didn’t show any mistakes that could endanger working or data, so we recommend it to you. If you have to much to do or are crowded with tasks and suffer from chronic lack of time, try the Task Coach, maybe the solution is there and it's free.


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