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Dated: Oct. 30, 2013

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Networking In General

There are other things than bandwidth when you think of network speed. The other thing that many people don't know about is network latency which is a great contributor to the speed of a network. It stands for various delays that happen when a device is processing data that comes from the network. If you talk about a low latency connection it is the faster one because it has small delay and the bigger latency network connection have bigger delays so they are slower because of those delays.

Comparing Latency and Bandwidth

In theory the maximum bandwidth is fixed meaning the max speed can't vary. But, in the real world that peak changes through use, time and also changes due to the latency we are talking about in this article. Huge amounts of latency will clog up the network and will eventually slow it down considerably. This kind of slowness can last a short amount of time or for an extended period of time.

Latency of Satellite Internet

This is where the obvious differences between these two terms come to sight. Users who have Satellite Internet have higher than common bandwidth, but also higher than common latency. If you are using this type of connection you will see that it will take a pretty big period of time in between typing your search request and the request actually being fulfilled. But, when the page starts loading it will load really fast. The latency comes from the fact that the request needs to be sent to the satellite and then to your house to fulfill the request.Network latency

Measuring Network Latency

There are many tools that enable you to test your Latency. They work in a way that they see what time it takes for a piece of data to travel to where it is intended and back, this is the round-trip time.

The most common number of latency is somewhere around a hundred ms (milliseconds), and if you have less than twenty five it is great. But, Satellite Internet has somewhere around five hundred milliseconds, and sometimes even more.


As we stated in this article, the main things that make up your network speed are latency and bandwidth. The more known thing is bandwidth, but don't let that fool you into thinking that latency is not important, because it is very important. We hope this article has enlightened you in a way that you may speed up your Internet even more, even though you may have high bandwidth.

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