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Dated: Jul. 26, 2013

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Networking In General

How modern information technologies are relevant to modern man?

It seems to us today that our survival depends on it! Thank God, it is not like that, but information technology is applied in all spheres of life. There are many advantages - the systematic storage of information to an unlimited number of copies and not decaying in a physical sense.In practical terms, availability and cost of intangible form is reduced to almost zero, and the environment is 100% safe. In contemporary society, the importance of information technology is immeasurable. Proper use can help organize your lives and get more time for other useful activities. This is, at the same time, the paradox as with bad use you achieve the opposite.

When we think about these benefits, the society fully gains an advantage. Information technology provides the greatest opportunity to protect nature and save the lives of all resources, energy is the most economical, but, on the other hand, provides many opportunities for abuse.

Network influence

When we talk about the Internet, is it a thing that gives us more time considering the speed of todays life.

Absolutely. And not just that - it allows instantaneous transmission of information, and all forms - images, text, video, audio, ... It saves time and saves money. However, the Internet has speeded us a bit up , so the expectations of people are bigger. It generally contributes to a modern communication system including mobile phones and laptops.You just need keep a normal relationship to the "speed of life" - less cautious become addicted, but that has no direct connection to the Internet, but with consciousness. A similar revolution in the beginning of the last century was made by cars. However, it should be set a little aside and not to succumb to trends in society, which is applying pressure. Man is by nature needs to fit into imposed standards, the rule of global awareness, and it often can be bad for individuals and families. Now we come to the conclusion that in one place we get, but with our mistakes immediately lose the advantage. No purpose in saving that we have already lost - a small step is needed to make it happen, often imperceptible. All this talk about saving time is important if you do not succumb to errors of modern consumer society: purchasing the latest software, computer equipment, system settings and so on. People unconsciously lose themselves in it. We don't say that you should not absolutely buy new computers and software, but that you need to be aware when you are doing so.

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