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Dated: Oct. 18, 2013

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WIFI Wireless

If you have a wireless network and you have some problems with your connection, or you are just seeking knowledge about how that signal works, this is just the place where you should be. Read this text and find out something more about wireless and Wi-Fi signal strength.

How Strong Is Your Wi-Fi Wireless Signal?

There are a lot of factors that determine the performance of a wireless signal, and a lot of it comes from wireless signal strength. That strength is what determines data rates on connections that are in between a computer and an access point. If you are looking to determine your wireless signal strength, these are the thing you should be doing:

Operating system utilities - Windows (and also a big number of other network OS) have a utility generically built into the that oversees your connection status. When you open the Control Panel there is a Network connections part where you will see a signal strength meter when you open it. Here you will see 5 bars of green that stand for your current signal, and they range from 5 bars which stands for excellent and 1 bar which stands for very low.signal strength

Wireless adapter utilities - There are makers of routers and other hardware that give you special software when you buy their devices. This software is used to monitor your signal strength too. But, they work a bit differently, they range in percentage. If you want an example, a excellent connection ranges between 80% and a 100%. The numbers you see are based on real radio signals and their levels that your network adapter maintains, and it is all in dB (decibels).

Wi-Fi locator devices - This device is used to spot and detect the strength of the signal of all wireless access points that are located near you. They commonly use 4 to 6 LED lights in order to show you what your signal strength really is. But, don't be fooled, they don't really measure the strength of your signal, they just predict it.

A good thing to remember is that if you buy various gear or have different tools, it is not uncommon that they will give you results that vary a bit. This is small, so it is not that important. A device from one manufacturer may give you 76% signal strength and a different device might show you 74%. If you see this, rest assured that it is nothing serious, it is just a slight difference in the way that those devices function and operate.

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