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Dated: Mar. 14, 2012

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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of our world's most popular programs. However, some users find it to be a bit slow, especially on older PCs. If you want to speed up Outlook and improve your productivity, then there are a number of easy tweaks you can make that will do just that.

Today, we're going to teach you the top 5 ways to improve your productivity while using Microsoft Outlook.

5) Split your PST files

Microsoft Outlook uses something called a PST file to store all of your personal data, including emails, calendar entries, contact information, and attachments. This allows you to access data while offline. Unfortunately, PST files can be problematic. Over time, they can grow so large that they slow Outlook down. This means the program will take longer to boot, and that sending or receiving emails can take longer than ever before. This problem can easily be solved by splitting your PST file down into several smaller sizes using a third-party PST splitter program.

4) Remove unused Outlook plugins

COM Add-Ins

When Outlook starts up, it loads plugins that help it communicate with other programs on your PC. Most users don't need these plugins, which means you can speed up your performance by removing them from the startup process. To do this, find and click on the 'Trust Center' menu under 'Tools'. On the left-hand side there should be a pane called 'Addins'. Click on 'Com Addins' and select 'Go'. Uncheck everything you don't need (which, for most people, will be everything except Windows Search Email Indexer). After that, press OK and then restart Outlook to apply these changes.

3) Browse in online mode instead of cache mode

If your computer has a reliable internet connection, then you probably don't need to use 'cache mode' in Outlook. Instead, by setting it to 'online mode', you limit the size of the offline cache file (known as the .OST file). This helps Outlook boot up faster and leads to smoother performance.

2) Don't send/receive RSS feeds by default

Some people use Outlook to subscribe and read RSS feeds. However, this can have a negative impact on your program's performance, particularly if you have a large number of RSS feeds. While there is a way to remove RSS feeds from the default send and receive configuration within Outlook, it's often better to just use a third-party RSS reader program. By disabling RSS functionality within Outlook and using a program that specializes in reading RSS feeds, you can easily improve your computer's performance.

1) Clean your mailbox using AutoArchive

Outlook comes with a handy tool called AutoArchive that will automatically organize old emails. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to speed up Outlook. It basically separates your PST file into smaller folders based on certain categories, making Outlook load faster and helping you organize your virtual life. The AutoArchive function can be customized by pressing the 'Tools' button and clicking on 'Options' and then 'Other'.

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