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Dated: Jul. 01, 2013

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The model we've tested comes to us from the Japanese manufacturer Toshiba and brings some interesting but also odd solutions for the balance of performance and functionality. The LX830-108 is placed in thickened monitor case with a diagonal of 23 inches using components designed for portable computers.

The basis of the computer is an Intel Core i7-3610QM processor, whose four cores (eight threads) at full load and operate at 3.3 GHz, making this, basically a home media machine and allows it to be used for more serious matters like watching movies in Full HD. As a strong processor is used as the base system, the present 4GB of DDR3 memory seem too small for serious work, probably due to a compromise of price and performance.

Fortunately, only one of the two memory slots is used and we propose potential buyers to immediately invest in another module of 4 (or more) GB and in that way provide for the future. In charge of the graphics is the Nvidia GT630 with its own 2 GB of memory, which represents a lower-middle class intended for mobile computers, but Toshiba's The LX830 series offeres the strongest graphic adapters. The main component is a hard drive with the with the capacity of 1 TB, whose plates are spinning speed of 5400 r / min. LX830-108

Although it has a touch screen, the model we tested comes with Windows 7, but this series is now mainly supplied with Windows 8, which is designed for use with touch-sensitive surfaces. On the other hand, the The LX830-108 comes with a configured remote for Windows Media Center (WMC), which is supplied as part of the installed version of Windows 7, while the Windows 8 version of WMC you subsequently install (buy).

The picture is very good and sharp, the viewing angles are good, but the problem can (and will) be a pronounced reflection of the screen . It seems that it is the same technology as in the Lenovo IdeaCenter 720 . A computer can not in that way easily be moved, as it has the feet and the "back" but not the stand. It is a solid solution for the touchscreen, but we believe that the ergonomics of the mentioned Samsung models are at a much higher level. With this kind of computer usually you get a handful of tiny applications signed by the manufacturer, as well as anti-virus (McAfee, trial). The computer is fully prepared for the (installed) integrated video Skype camera 1 Mpx. Blu-ray player / DVD burner combo raises the multimedia capabilities of your computer to the next level, and we tested it without any problems. It can play Blu-ray movies in Full HD, with surfing and a few programs without "hiccups", making it imperative for home multimedia center. Built-in Onkyo speakers, supported by SRS Premium Sound 3D, given the veil of pleasant sound quality for everyday needs, but, of course, for serious enjoyment of multimedia content, you will need external speakers.

Connectivity solutions include, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, two USB 3.0 ports, and a HDMI-in port, which is primarily designed to connect to gaming consoles. In these devices it is always interesting to define who really needs them. The tested model acts as a useful home / business / multimedia computer for users who have limited living space (studio, etc.), and know how to use the benefits of the touch screen.

Slightly weaker graphics subsystem dealer is not a big problem as built-in HDMI port lets you connect to a game console, resulting in a rounded multimedia / business / gaming system of the modern age in a limited space, especially if you are close to newcomers. Of course, if you have a high enough income to cover such modernization.

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