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Dated: Sep. 02, 2013

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Many owners of small and medium-sized businesses often find themselves in a dilemma which MFP to buy in order to more efficiently perform the job. In a market full of All-In-One (or AIO) devices it is not an easy choice. That's why we tested a device that stands out because of the large number of it's features. This is AIO Inkjet Brother MFC-J6910DW.

As you have noticed from the name, it is an Inkjet, large size network printer. What makes it specific is that it can print on sheets of A3 paper in color. Although large, it has two drawers for storing paper for printing. Both drawers are adjustable, and in one you can hold A4 paper, A3 in the second. With one press of a button, the transition between these formats can be done without hassle. At the top of the device there is a space for automatic duplex scanning up to 35 sheets at a time.

A very interesting thing is the color touch screen that is located on the front panel. With this screen you can easily assign commands to print, set the format, quality and location of blank paper, and check the printer status, level of the color in the cartridges, the of strength the wireless network (if connected via WLAN), and so on. There is also a PictBridge USB port for connecting cameras and phones that support the technology and print photos directly from the device without connecting to a computer.

In addition to the screen on the front panel, there are buttons to select the task (fax, scan, copy and print photos), numeric keypad, 16 keys for speed dial fax numbers, as well as keys to start and stop the printing. Although there are numerous buttons on the front they are pretty well organized, easy to use and will not lead to confusion when used, as their function is clearly indicated.Network printer

The device itself has four separate ink cartridges for colors - black, cyan, magenta and yellow. The black cartridge is slightly bigger, so it is possible to print more pages, it is declared at 600 pages. The manufacturer has stated on the box that there are larger capacity XL cartridges, which permit printing of up to 2400 pages per cartridge, so we were a little disappointed that these capacity cartridges not supplied with this MFC.

There is also a memory card. By inserting the SD memory card into the slot, the MFC device sorts all the photos and displays them on the screen. Then on the screen you just have to choose the ones you want to print, choose the picture format, paper quality, image quality (higher quality entails higher energy color) and many other options for fine tuning. It is even possible to make posters to more papers. The screen height can be adjusted, and that can not be a bad thing.

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